We have just completed the 2017 Charity Walk Fundraiser (our largest fundraiser of the year) and helped Maui County raise over $1.2 Million. We continue to set our goals high and this year was able to raise $109,880. From the 7-10 year old kids raising money for their Shark Tournament, to the High School Kids raising money to participate in our Summer Program in Reno, to our generous donors all over the country, we exceeded our goals and are thrilled that the community both near and far continues to support these kids.

As an organization, the money we raised was the most in Maui County for a Non Profit for the second year in a row and we had the top 2 individuals with the most amount raised, Dan Williams and Genevieve Ruvald. We are grateful for your generosity and love for the kids.

You are definitely impacting lives by investing in their futures. God Bless You!

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