17 young men and 8 coaches plus support staff went for boot camp. What a great weekend !!! We left after school and arrived in Keanae at about 5:30 just in time to do an hour of hills and drills and then another hour in the gym. This is our fourth year and the kids know Saturdays are brutal so the all hit the sack after dinner. 7 am breakfast followed by an Indian run down to Keanae and back and then 60 min of Hell. Grueling station work non stop a team favorite. Lunch followed by a visit to local Hana High School our Newley adopted brothers, the Dragons. 1 more 60 min of Hell session followed by 1 hour insane weight room workout and another hour in the Hana gym doing fundamentals.

We drove back to the YMCA camp , are and all went to bed early. Sunday started with a 2 mile straight up hill to the lookout point do Indian run followed by 60 more min of Hell and then a well deserved dip in Chong’s pond. We ate lunch and then hit the road home. We ate, we worked , we laughed and we pushed ourselves to unchartered heights. This was a great adventure and bonding time.


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