After seven-weeks on the mainland, the players gained skills further than they imagined. Let’s look at the top three things they learned!

After 56 days, seven basketball tournaments including 45 basketball games while on the mainland, Westside Hoops Maui (WSHM) returns back to the Aloha state. “Being away from home, managing time and money, and building perseverance,” said Founder of WSHM Dan Williams of the skills the student-athletes gained during the annual Reno trip. “Six weeks duplicates a college semester,” said Williams. The student-athletes learned more about life than the game of basketball itself, “basketball is not all to life.”

WSHM spent countless hours in the gym perfecting fundamentals of the game. Entailing two hours of ball-handling, two hours of weightlifting, and two hours of position based basketball. Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals– the little details make all the difference in winning and losing. Just like in life.

Little details make a big impact. WSHM goes further than the game of basketball. The student-athletes worked their tails off in the gym but worked just as hard off the court learning the Gospel. Every thursday night included bible studies from local community leaders. “Men of character,” said Williams of the student-athletes.