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Westside Hoops Maui will embark on their 14th annual summer Reno (Nevada) basketball trip from June 1- July 20, while a total of 24 players will have the opportunity to develop their basketball skill set and gain immeasurable life skills through this journey.

Westside Hoops Maui will have the privilege to compete in seven-elite basketball tournaments within a seven-week time frame while on the mainland.



Jesuit Tournament — Carmichael, Calif. June 1 – June 2
Vance Wahlberg Tournament — Fresno, Calif. June 9 – June 10
Spanish Spings Tournament — Reno, Nev. June 16 – June 17
Rocklin, Calif. June 23
Sheldon-Franklin Summer Jam Tournament — Elk Grove, Calif. June 30 – July 1
Greenline Summer Showcase — DeLasalle, Calif. July 8 – July 9
Alameda, Calif. July 16 – July 18

Out-of-the 24 players going to Reno, 16-of-which are packing their suitcases for the entire seven-week span, which includes 15 eighth-thru-twelfth graders and one soon-to-be seventh grader. Rounding out the team are eight sixth-and-seventh graders who will experience the Reno grind for a two-week stint in June.

Leading the way, summer Coach Tom Maurer is one of the most decorated and respected high school basketball coaches in the state of Nevada. Compiling a record of 400-280 over the past 26 seasons as a head coach, while sending over 39 players to the collegiate level. There is no question Coach Maurer knows his basketball. While in Reno, the boys will focus solely on fundamentals, including three-hour ball-handling, two-hour weight lifting and two-hours of position-based breakdown everyday.

Equally important with the game of basketball itself, Westside Hoops Maui has a broader image than just playing hoops, rather, educating their players with real world experiences and obtaining valuable life skills. Dan Williams, the President of Westside Hoops Maui, disregards the trendy “ball is life” saying, instead he made up his own, “ball is not all to life.” He knows the life is more than just basketball, he continued saying “the boys will learn time management skills to learning how to balance a check book.” Furthermore, Williams explained that the boys will also keep track of their diet and body’s, “an athlete has to make sure their calorie intake is enough to sustain the workouts, while taking care of their body’s… especially feet and hands.”

The 24 players will be hosted by Coach Maurer and three families affiliated with a local church from Carson City, Nevada. The boys will have to maintain duties and chores: keeping their rooms, beds and living area intact and presentable. Every Thursday night, the boys are blessed to have guest speakers, ranging from local politicians, business leaders and community leaders, to talk about life-study and values taught from the bible.

The biggest takeaway from this Reno trip is being away from home, Williams explains, “some of these players have never left Hawai’i and their home, so this opportunity will get them ready for the real world.” In addition, players will meet and interact with many individuals who are role-models in their community. At the end of the day, players will develop an array of skills, from interpersonal skills to networking.

Please wish the Westside Hoops Maui ‘ohana a safe basketball trip!

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